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Military Compression Socks are clinically proven to increase circulation and prevent swelling.

Military Compression Socks provide unmatched comfort, performance and vitalization for your legs and feet through advanced technology and design

Years of research and development with leading medical facilities, athletes and physicians has led to a unique design which promotes blood flow back up the leg and returns fresh oxygenated blood to your feet, resulting in increased energy in your legs and feet.


The enhanced circulation of fresh oxygenated blood to your muscles, joints and tendons enables them to operate more efficiently. Meanwhile, lactic acid and other fluids are transported out of muscle tissue and into the bloodstream, which dramatically reduces muscle soreness and painful swelling.

SMOOTHTOE® 20-30 mmHg style compression socks are registered with the FDA as a Class I medical device.


Seamless technology means there are no harsh seams. The fitted sock design keeps the sock from falling down or bunching up in your shoe like a tube sock does, and the heel to the toe box padded sole means there is no shear force or pressure spots to cause blisters.

We guarantee it – no blisters for as long as you wear your socks.


Soft, comfort lycra® energy spandex throughout the sock provides the perfect fit every time, and the mid-foot arch support takes care of foot fatigue and uncomfortable swelling inside your shoes. Keeping your skin dry significantly reduces bacteria growth, and coolmax® is the best moisture wicking fabric available – keeping your skin dry under everyday to extreme athletic conditions.

SMOOTHTOE® 20-30 mmHg compression socks reduce the symptoms of:

  • Lower leg, foot and ankle swelling
  • Varicose veins
  • Poor circulation
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Restless legs and leg cramps
  • Sore or tired, achy legs and feet

The most comfortable product of its kind. If you experience any swelling or pain in your lower legs, ankles, or feet, this is the sock for you. Much easier to put on and take off compared to other compression brands. This sock has replaced other brands as the 20-30 mmHg knee high compression sock of choice on vascular wards at Mayo Clinic and other leading facilities across the country. SMOOTHTOE® 20-30 mmHg medical compression sock is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 medical device.



“Love how well made your socks are!”

I love how well made your socks are, the quality is there! The padding, comfort, is wonderful! Struggled the first time putting on, but was able to put on myself on 2/23 before putting AFO Brace on! Will be washing them by hand and air drying so they do not shrink any! Thank you for the quality, well made product you have produced!!!

Wanda Gagnon
Merrill, IA

“A more comfortable and superior sock”

I had been suffering from multiple skin lesions on my feet, including blisters, calluses and loss of toenails. I decided to convert to SMOOTHTOE® socks for my training and racing. I am running over 30 miles per week and bike 130 miles per week and have noticed a great improvement of my skin condition. I am not suffering from any blistering after 6 weeks of trials, and my calluses have improved. It is definitely a more comfortable and superior sock.

Maggie Fournier
LaCrosse, WI

“Not your average compression socks”

I have had ankle, knee and hip pain for some time. The pain increased after 12 hour shifts at work. My legs were so achy and fatigued, they just throbbed at night. Co-workers shared positive feedback from a trial study done at Caledonia Care and Rehab with SMOOTHTOE® socks. I bought a pair and I won’t wear anything else. The pain in my hips and knees is gone. The socks also wick away moisture in my feet. SMOOTHTOE® socks are not your average compression socks.

Emily Zehnder
Caledonia, MN